Flash8 Player needed.
The technical structure of browse.delicious consists of
three levels. The first level gathers the data-set from
the web, the second works as a kind of API, which is used
by the visualisation system the third level.

At the first level a Perl script is gathering data through
spidering delicious and reading the offered RSS feeds.
The collected information gets structured and saved into
a MySQL database. Another Perl script is then generating
data tables of static data views, which are needed to
improve the system speed; if the system would use live
data another way needs to be developed.

The second level is an PHP build interface to the data.
It works like an API, where the third level needs to
transmit some information belonging to the requested
data and PHP is delivering the result.

At the third level Macromedia Flash is used to build the
visualisation and user interface. The user is navigating
through interacting with the visualisation, each time the
user wants to explorer another view a request is sent to
the PHP API which returns the result to Flash.